The Majestic- Alternate Ending

The Majestic- Alternate Ending


As Peter just realized he is not really Luke, a shock shot through his frozen body. Everything he thought the last few months was wrong. He wasn’t Luke the town famous war hero. He was Peter Appleton, the Hollywood writer. His heart sank through his empty chest, what was he to say to Harry? What was he to say to Adele? What was he to say to the whole town? Then it came to him, why would he go back to being Peter when he could be Luke? Luke wasn’t coming back anytime soon so he could continue to portray as Luke, he loved being Luke anyways.


Not minutes later Harry’s heart gave out, and he tragically died during The Majestic’s grand re-opening. On his death bed, Peter thought about telling him the truth but he remained Luke to Harry, he couldn’t do that to the poor old man.


Things went well as Peter lived his life in the shoes of the presumably dead Luke Trimble. But soon guilt started to set in Peters cold heart; he wasn’t Luke. So why was he pretending to be him? What gain would he get out of it, he thought to himself. Why was he doing this?  He is Peter, not Luke, Peter. It started to get in his head. People began noticing, Adele and him were fighting, he showed up late to Harry’s funeral. His life began to fall apart as him and Adele drifted apart. Peter began to separate himself from people and began to pour all his time into working on The Majestic. He planned to soon return to Hollywood.


A large issue arose to his attention altering his opportunity to return to his past life. The government was after Peter ‘’the Communist’’. After the discovery of his car and more importantly his wallet containing is identification, proving he was not Luke. Fear over set him as he didn’t know what to do. He couldn’t go back to Hollywood now; he would be found right away in the busy city. So he ran off and got on a plane as soon as he could, that plane happened to be going to Mexico City.



He could now be free from both those lives and start a new one, the third life. So he found as much work as he could, trying to earn money to live. He completed various jobs to earn small bits of cash. Life was going well for him; he was living in Mexico City away from all his issues.


He eventually got a job at a large farm. Time went on, and life went was going alright for Peter until one day everything changed.


“We have got a new planter; I want you to train him” stated his boss.


Readily he went to meet his new co-worker, to his surprise he looked just like him. Shockingly he stuttered and asked his name,


“All I know is my name is Luke, and I was in the war, I was a prisoner of war, and now I’ve ended up here no money, no memory.”


Peter absolutely shocked stood there unable to speak; he found Luke Trimble. Without words to say he stuttered as his cold body flopped to the hard tile floor.


“Hello, sir? Wake up.”


Peter sprung up from the ground as Luke looked at him. “I know who you are,” mumbled Peter. In shock Luke quickly jolted


“What do you mean!?”


So Peter explained the whole story of him losing his memory and being mistaken for Luke leaving out only the part where he continued to portray him against his morals. Luke would have never believed him but there was something all too similar about The Majestic, and what did he have to lose.


Peter excited about the whole ordeal because he thought he would have a chance at being able to run The Majestic if he could be the hero to bring home the real Luke Trimble. So the two boys pooled all of their cash together and headed on the first flight available back home. The whole ride Peter told Luke all he knew about Luke’s past life, but Peter made sure not to say about the tragic death of Harry, Luke’s father.  It was too much for him to bare taking in all this information.


Arriving home shock ran through Luke’s body as he laid eyes on The Majestic, little memories shot through his brain. Peter pulled the car over in front of The Majestic quickly opening the door yelling


“I found Luke! I found Luke!”


Peter explained to them that he didn’t know he wasn’t Luke until the day he left. People are believing him and embracing him for finding Luke.


Unfortunately, Peter came home to find he was being charged with fleeing the country with criminal charges and for being blacklisted on communist accusations. Luckily he was able to fight off the charges for fleeing due to the memory loss, the whole town rooting for him he miraculously he was able to win the court case and walk out free.


Luke was very disappointed when he realized his father was dead and he would not be able to make new memories with him, but he was able to rekindle his old relationship with Adele, they went on to their wedding as they had planned prior to the war. He loved hearing old stories from his past and seeing how they relate to him now.


Peter went on to manage The Majestic and became a part of the town. Luke and Adele started a family and lived upstairs in The Majestic. So all was good in the town, everyone continued on a little bit happier as now The Majestic was open, Luke had returned for real, and Peter was free from charges and contributing to the town with upgrades to The Majestic. So in the end all was good in the small town.


By: Jackson Firby

Thank you for reading my take on a new ending of the movie: The Majestic -Starring Jim Carey