A2- CC (The Listeners Set)

Location- Green sunny forest with a dirt path leading up to a oak wood cabin with cobblestone walkways set in the trees beside a stream

Lighting- It’s fairly shadow filled but thick sun beams shoot down through the green forestry swaying in the light wind above.

Props- Beside the house there’s is neatly stacked pyrimid of logs with a axe in a chopping block and a dusty old lamp hanging from a hook with a pane of glass cracked on the lamp.

Costumes- The traveller wears a old ragged robe with a pointed hood over top dusty grey pants ripped and dirty and a white shirt stained with dirt and hints of blood. Medium height agged leather boots strapped to his feet. And a leather aged sack on his back. Little trinkets and a knife hang from his waist and belts as well as shoulder strap. All his clothing is ripped and old.

Actors- The Traveller is a tall man 6,2 with long brown hair a thick dirty brown beard and brown eyes. He is very muscular, and about 25 years old.  Scars cover his dirty face.

Sound effects- There is birds chirping a river flows and a small howl wind so through the tree branches tapping each other, a quite rustic acoustic song plays in the back.

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