Romeo and Juliet- What Romeo is Feeling at the Stories Climax- Journal Entry

I have made a huge mistake, I let my rage of my friend’s death overtake me. I am afraid I don’t want to lose the chance of my and Juliet’s chance at happiness. All I want is her happiness. Have I ruined our chance of happiness? How can I go back? How can we be happy? I need my Juliet. I can’t have this. How can she suffer from my horrid mistakes? This is my own doing. I ruined us. I miss her, I need her. Is there any way I can apologise to the prince and come back? What if I kill the Prince, how can he punish me if he is among the dead? It could be easy a quick swipe of the blade. No, i cannot. I cannot. The prince can not be punished from my own doing, my mistake. Oh, My dear Juliet, you’ve made me weak. Oh why. My heart burns as a hay stack on fire. I cannot survive in this darkened world without my sun. Have I let my friends down another to many times? No words on this screen can express the pain I feel, it’s dark. Darker than the darkest night, darker than the deepest black, darker than a thousand souls, darker than any words. It’s the deepest worse pain I’ve ever felt. I didn’t even allow her the chance to say goodbye. How can I not allow her to say a goodbye? Is it better this way? I must not go back I could not do that to her, I could not hurt my dear Juliet once again. I must stay on my own. My life is over with, I can never be happy. Darkness will surround me until there is no light left to be let in. This is a horrid ending but it was my own doing, it was my fault Mercutio isn’t still here, it’s my own doing. I let him down. I killed him. The blood is my hands. My red bloody hands murdered my friend. It is my doing Tybalt is passed, the blood of my cousin is in my hands. He shared the very name I loved as much as my own. I did this. I killed them. I hurt Juliet. All the blood is on my hands. My hands soak in the red liquid. It is the worst feeling. I’m sad, sorrowful. My life is over, I may be alive but Juliet is my heart, and it is gone, one cannot live with no heart. My heart has been stripped from me, and it is my fault. I did it. I cannot go own without my love. My anger killed me. Myself. I regret much actions. What shall my family think? Oh my lord how can the Frair help me? Are my sins too much? The darkest days are yet to come unless I take my own life. Will I be banished? Tortured? Killer? The Prince is furious that I killed a Capulet. If only he knew i was a Capulet myself, as i married the dear Juliet.- Romeo Montague