Section B7 Before Reading Responses, ELA A10

“My heroes are superman, spiderman and iron man. They inspire me by saving peoples lives. Also my dog.”

Response: It is very good that you can look up to these characters and have them as your heros, even if it’s fiction. They are very heroic and good at what they do any always do the right thing an succeed no matter how deep they are in, that is good to teach young kids.

“Mr.Mandelas is a great man it seems like everyone in South Africa looks up to him he must have been like a brother and uncle but mostly a friend to everyone and he was a great rolemodel to the little children and everyone that had knew him. And he was very missed by the South Africa people, friends, and his family. My hero is my Dad he has always been their we would always make stuff one time we built me a play house I still have it but I think I might give to my younger cousins. My other hero’s is all the kids in my grade it’s my second year here and they have been their from me, like my ups and downs, and everyone has been so nice I couldn’t ask for anything eles!!!!!”

Response: These real life heros are very awesome! A hero doesn’t need a cape and suit to do good! Anyone can change the world a little bit for the good, it only takes one smile. Let’s make this world a better place, one smile at a time!

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