Romeo + Juliet Movie: Personal Response

I viewed the movie Romeo + Juliet. My personal response on it is dislike. I thought most factors of the film were poor. I was disappointed, the film work was poor. The old language in conjunction with the modern clothing and guns was poor. I didn’t enjoy that aspect of the film. My personal opinion is they should have developed a complete retro setting, or full modern. Merging them confuses things. I did enjoy the story, it was followed fairly well. Every part of the story that was important was welly integrated into the film. Overall i was disappointed, it was hard to follow and understand. I didn’t take much away from the film.

A positive area i enjoyed was really the opening scene where you see the two families thriving in the city of Verona. Totally separate from each other in feuds. Neither get along nor tolerate each other, the big gas station fight breaks out causing mass damage. It just shows you the hatred these two have from each other and gives you a idea of what it would be like in these two families.

Something i did not like was the film work. Even for its age it seemed poor. It was very choppy and rough. Some more time and refinement needed to be thrown into that aspect. It really was not satisfying to watch a movie that looked like it was filmed by a mobile phone.

Romeo and Juliet- What Romeo is Feeling at the Stories Climax- Journal Entry

I have made a huge mistake, I let my rage of my friend’s death overtake me. I am afraid I don’t want to lose the chance of my and Juliet’s chance at happiness. All I want is her happiness. Have I ruined our chance of happiness? How can I go back? How can we be happy? I need my Juliet. I can’t have this. How can she suffer from my horrid mistakes? This is my own doing. I ruined us. I miss her, I need her. Is there any way I can apologise to the prince and come back? What if I kill the Prince, how can he punish me if he is among the dead? It could be easy a quick swipe of the blade. No, i cannot. I cannot. The prince can not be punished from my own doing, my mistake. Oh, My dear Juliet, you’ve made me weak. Oh why. My heart burns as a hay stack on fire. I cannot survive in this darkened world without my sun. Have I let my friends down another to many times? No words on this screen can express the pain I feel, it’s dark. Darker than the darkest night, darker than the deepest black, darker than a thousand souls, darker than any words. It’s the deepest worse pain I’ve ever felt. I didn’t even allow her the chance to say goodbye. How can I not allow her to say a goodbye? Is it better this way? I must not go back I could not do that to her, I could not hurt my dear Juliet once again. I must stay on my own. My life is over with, I can never be happy. Darkness will surround me until there is no light left to be let in. This is a horrid ending but it was my own doing, it was my fault Mercutio isn’t still here, it’s my own doing. I let him down. I killed him. The blood is my hands. My red bloody hands murdered my friend. It is my doing Tybalt is passed, the blood of my cousin is in my hands. He shared the very name I loved as much as my own. I did this. I killed them. I hurt Juliet. All the blood is on my hands. My hands soak in the red liquid. It is the worst feeling. I’m sad, sorrowful. My life is over, I may be alive but Juliet is my heart, and it is gone, one cannot live with no heart. My heart has been stripped from me, and it is my fault. I did it. I cannot go own without my love. My anger killed me. Myself. I regret much actions. What shall my family think? Oh my lord how can the Frair help me? Are my sins too much? The darkest days are yet to come unless I take my own life. Will I be banished? Tortured? Killer? The Prince is furious that I killed a Capulet. If only he knew i was a Capulet myself, as i married the dear Juliet.- Romeo Montague

A4 Responses- I am Sam Viewing

Listen to the music played during the film. How is it used in the movie to develop the mood for the viewing?
Music can be used in many different ways in films. Like to express emotions, set moods, and many others, it is no exception in I am Sam. Music is used very dynamically in I am Sam; we can see this several times in the movie. We can see this at the beginning of the film when he is running to the hospital, and there is an upbeat music playing, it shows the mood. It is used to show emotions in court cases. It can show when Sam is happy, or when he is worried. Music plays a significant role in this movie in other ways too, and Sam is infatuated with the band The Beetles, he talks about them numerous times and even named his daughter Lucy after the song Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.

Dynamic Characters are the ones who grow/learn and understand new things because of their experiences through the story. Is there evidence of any characters growing in the movie?
Dynamic characters are characters who grow and learn based on their experience throughout a story. In I am Sam there are many compelling characters. Lucy is an example of a dynamic nature, Sam’s daughter quickly approaches her father’s intelligence at a small age, she can see her father is not the same as other kid’s dads. She is embarrassed by him and even tells her friend that she was adopted because of her embarrassment of her father. But in the experience of losing her father in court trials, she learns not to take her father’s and her relationship for granted. Through this experience and others, Lucy changes a lot throughout the story as many other characters like Rita Sam’s lawyer, and Sam himself. Dynamic characters can add depth and realism to a story, they grown and learn to make them more involved and possible relatable.

This movie is told in Three Acts. Watch to see if you can distinguish when one act ends, and another begins.
Acts aren’t used in movies, but you would mostly see them in drama and that type of entertainment. It can be used to divide up parts of the story. In I am Sam it is a little bit different, the movie divides into three separate acts. The begging of the first act is when Sam first has Lucy. The second act begins when Lucy is taken away from Sam. The third and final acts occur when Sam realises he needs help and shares Lucy with the aid of Randy.

The movie centres around questions of Sam’s abilities and mental capacities, but there are times when Sam proves to be more insightful than other mature characters.
People with mental handicaps would lag behind in all areas because of their low mental capacities. Sam has the mental capacity of a eight-year-old, so many would think Sam would be dull in most mental areas. That is not always the case, even with Sam’s little intelligence at times he harnesses more insight than other mature characters, even those in demanding jobs with high intelligence. At one point early on it, the movie I am Sam Lucy’s class is doing presentations to the class and parents. Lucy does her presentation very well and knows the content. Following her, another classmate begins he does n’t know anything of the content, and his dad starts to yell at him and tell him what he is supposed to say. Here we see Sam lets his daughter learn the material, whereas the classmate’s father forces his son to know that particular content and it ends up going very poorly. That is a way Sam is more insightful than some other adult characters in the movie I am Sam.

Rita’s life parallels Sam’s – this means his lawyer’s life has many similarities to his own.
Rarely in stories do writers or creators use the technique of having two storylines running parallel ways, but in I am Sam. Sam is physically losing his child to the government. Rita is also losing her child but in a different way. Rita doesn’t have enough time in her busy life to care for her son, so he rebels against her and starts to drift further and further away. She begins to think she is losing him and that he hates her. So both Sam and Rita are losing their children, only in different ways. That’s how Rita’s and Sam’s lives parallel in I am Sam.

Camera angles can influence the way a viewer interprets a scene. Watch for any particular aspects of the camera that are used to sway your perspective.
Camera angles and dynamic use of cameras are often used by filmmakers to set the mood of the scene, express characters emotions, add depth to the scene. In I am Sam the camera is close to people when it’s a dangerous moment for Sam. This way you can see every movement of the speaker’s lips and gets your heart pounding. The camera is far out when Sam has excitement. Then you can see everyone in the shoot and interpret the mood. Those are ways cameras are used to influence the scene in I am Sam.