Romeo + Juliet Movie: Personal Response

I viewed the movie Romeo + Juliet. My personal response on it is dislike. I thought most factors of the film were poor. I was disappointed, the film work was poor. The old language in conjunction with the modern clothing and guns was poor. I didn’t enjoy that aspect of the film. My personal opinion is they should have developed a complete retro setting, or full modern. Merging them confuses things. I did enjoy the story, it was followed fairly well. Every part of the story that was important was welly integrated into the film. Overall i was disappointed, it was hard to follow and understand. I didn’t take much away from the film.

A positive area i enjoyed was really the opening scene where you see the two families thriving in the city of Verona. Totally separate from each other in feuds. Neither get along nor tolerate each other, the big gas station fight breaks out causing mass damage. It just shows you the hatred these two have from each other and gives you a idea of what it would be like in these two families.

Something i did not like was the film work. Even for its age it seemed poor. It was very choppy and rough. Some more time and refinement needed to be thrown into that aspect. It really was not satisfying to watch a movie that looked like it was filmed by a mobile phone.

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